General Resources

Exercise outdoors to reduce your risk of getting #COVID19. If you can’t, go to a gym with high ceilings, good airflow & ventilation systems, & hand sanitizing stations. Make sure all staff & gym goers are required to #WearAMask. Stay 6ft from others. More: https://t.co/wh18q5rXxK https://t.co/SI1rWRZHZN CDCemergency photo

Ordering takeout or delivery is the safest way to support restaurants & protect yourself & others from #COVID19. If you dine in, check if outdoor seating is available. Avoid enclosed tents. #WearAMask unless eating & stay at least 6ft from others. More: https://t.co/aINkinooax. https://t.co/WroZEYWoum CDCemergency photo

#Parents: Are you trying to decide whether to send your child to in-person school? @CDCgov has a tool to assess your child’s & family’s risk of #COVID19 and determine the best instructional format. Learn more: https://t.co/aArAEhFBaA. https://t.co/1AR98BfJic CDCemergency photo

#CareForEachOther by staying up on routine vaccines & getting a #COVID19 vaccine when it’s your turn. COVID-19 vaccines are an important tool to help stop the pandemic. More benefits: https://t.co/BQzQXRdTAg #PrepYourHealth https://t.co/MfKPhUknx7 CDCemergency photo