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Summer can be a challenging time for organizations like @RedCross to collect blood. Learn how you can #GetInvolved this & every season: https://t.co/V12b0eMJFt #PrepYourHealth https://t.co/mh9eoFArKT CDCemergency photo

Getting only one dose of an mRNA #COVID19 vaccine may offer some protection against COVID-19, but two doses are needed to get the most protection. It’s best to get all recommended doses. More: https://t.co/bRD9Qrbhdw. https://t.co/7Zq3N0cQS3 CDCemergency photo

Authorized #COVID19 vaccines are effective at preventing COVID-19, but no vaccine prevents illness 100% of the time.

A small percentage of fully vaccinated people may get COVID-19, but vaccines can keep you from getting very ill if you’re infected. More: https://t.co/MhrK0uzN2o. https://t.co/eVDGL1p39b
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Be a helper to family, friends, & neighbors in need. Make sure they have enough #emergency supplies during hurricane season. Offer to run essential errands to the grocery store, etc. for them. Learn more: https://t.co/h22tEA4SDb #PrepYourHealth #HurricanePrep #WeatherReady https://t.co/7sb0gLql7g CDCemergency photo